Friday, May 7, 2010

DEFINE: SMART CHARM \ smart charm \

Cecele, one of the several great people who make Williamsburg neighborhood spot Beco such a chill hangout, is on a replacement evil eye necklace. This one is a gorgeous blue color, and she customized it with a swag of blue ribbon--I took a closeup shot that didn't turn out great so I promise to reshoot and post it when I see her again. This one came to her via a friend who brought it back from Turkey. Her last one had split in two, which, she told me, is what happens when the evil eye has had its fill of bad vibes. I knew why people wore evil eye charms but I didn't know the eyes really told you when they'd had enough. Cecele hasn't found any in the city that she thinks are great quality, so she gets her abroad. Someone else I know, who wears a rope of them around her neck (she works in a tough joint), loads up on them in India. I don't wear one but I'm reconsidering -- they look really cool; it's just bonus points if they truly do ward off whatever negative stuff you don't want coming your way, right?

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